Treatment Options: Two-Phase and Comprehensive

Two-Phase Treatment

In Two-Phase orthodontic treatment, children receive Phase One between the ages of seven and 11, before all the permanent teeth have set in. This phase is often used to lay a good foundation for the permanent teeth and correct jaw growth problems that would otherwise require extraction or surgery later. 

A Resting Period occurs between the two phases to allow permanent teeth to come in. Retainers may be recommended during this period.

Phase Two usually begins after all permanent teeth have arrived. This final stage of the treatment involves full braces or aligner treatment to make sure that all teeth are exactly where they should be and are in harmony with the lips, cheeks, and tongue. It is during Phase Two that your beautiful, healthy smile comes together!

Two-Phase treatment is an excellent option for many young patients. By intervening with orthodontic care early, our specialists deliver healthy smiles, preventatively treat problems, and minimize the risk of a patient needing future extractions or surgery later on. If your child is undergoing Two-Phase treatment, rest assured their smile is in expert hands!

Comprehensive Treatment

For patients who have lost all of their baby teeth, comprehensive treatment corrects jaw and tooth misalignment, improves bites, and delivers a beautiful smile. At Petty & Bielik Orthodontics, we offer advanced, comprehensive treatment for patients of all ages. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies and decades of experience, our team will transform your smile and health with excellent orthodontic care, a customized treatment plan, and friendly service.

What is comprehensive orthodontic treatment?

Unlike limited orthodontic treatments that focus on correcting individual teeth, or Two-Phase treatments that require multiple stages of correction, comprehensive treatment addresses the mouth holistically in a single phase. Using braces or aligners, we healthfully improve or correct all aspects of a patient’s smile—from their bite and jaw to the alignment of their teeth.

If you are interested in comprehensive orthodontic treatment, we’ll assess your unique health profile and anatomy, discuss your goals, and determine your smile needs. Then, our orthodontists will devise the perfect, customized treatment plan for you. This may include braces or clear aligners and can vary in length depending on many factors. Because every smile is unique, every treatment plan is unique, as well.

Though comprehensive treatment looks different for everyone, the goals of treatment remain the same. We deliver aesthetic and health benefits by aligning teeth, correcting malocclusion, improving bites, and creating healthier smiles.

If you are nervous about beginning comprehensive treatment, don’t worry! These days, orthodontic transformations are faster, more comfortable, and more discreet than ever before. With clear aligners that are virtually invisible, ceramic braces that are clear, and streamlined traditional metal braces, every treatment option will give you the smile you deserve.

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