3 braces-friendly summer fruits

As the summer sun grows hotter and we trade in those sweatpants for shorts, we’re all dreaming of a tropical, summery vacation! Imagine yourself on the beach with the waves crashing against the shore and a bowl of mouth-watering fruit beside you. What does your bowl consist of? Drs. Petty & Bielik have the answers. Here are three braces-friendly summer fruits that will help you get into a summery mood!

1. Strawberries

Those with braces should avoid hard fruits, as they can cause damage to your wires and brackets. Fortunately, strawberries are easy to bite into and don’t put much pressure on the front teeth. Plus, despite the bright red juices that squeeze out of this fruit once you bite into it, strawberries actually prevent, rather than cause, staining. Strawberries contain malic acid, which serves as a natural bleaching tool for your teeth. It is essential to floss after eating berries, however, since the tiny seeds may get stuck in between brackets or your teeth. Altogether, sweet strawberries are the perfect summer fruit to have your teeth glistening in the sun!

2. Watermelon

Another tasty option for the summer is watermelon! Other than their fresh and sweet flavor, watermelons offer many benefits for oral health. This fruit assists in preventing plaque buildup due to its abundance of fiber. This, paired with a high water content, fights to remove bacteria and repair the enamel. If the seeds in your watermelon are an issue, there are seed-free varieties that you can invest in. These are great options that are completely braces-friendly—no risk of biting into a hard seed here! To make your summer more colorful, you can even buy watermelon in a variety of colors, such as red or yellow.

3. Pineapple

If you’ve been recently adjusting to braces or Invisalign®, pineapple is the ideal fruit for you—especially if you are experiencing any soreness. It is the only fruit that contains bromelain. This enzyme decreases inflammation in the mouth as it prompts healing. Pineapples also contain other enzymes that remove stains and improve periodontal health. Since the stringy parts of pineapple may get stuck in braces, incorporating pineapple in your diet via smoothies is a great way to take advantage of bromelain—without damaging your braces or leading to tooth decay!

These three types of fruits will have you energized all summer long while keeping your oral hygiene in tip-top shape! For more tips, please check out our Petty & Bielik Orthodontics Blog or call us to book your next appointment. We hope you’re having a happy summer!

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