Surgical orthodontics

Surgical orthodontics in Oak Lawn

Sometimes, patients may not get the best results from only braces or clear aligners. In these cases, we may recommend surgical orthodontics. This treatment pairs orthognathic surgery (jaw surgery) with traditional orthodontics to achieve a functional, healthy, and esthetic result.

How do I know if I need surgical orthodontics?

When you visit our Oak Lawn family orthodontist office for your complimentary consultation, we will assess your smile, bite, jaws, and facial structure. If you have skeletal problems that cannot be treated with traditional appliances alone, surgical orthodontics may be right for you. Unlike children, adults are no longer growing, so the only way to modify the size or position of an adult’s jawbone is through surgery.

There are many health and aesthetic benefits associated with jaw surgery. A well-positioned upper and lower jaw promotes healthy breathing, improves TMJ disorder, and makes eating, chewing, and speaking easier. Patients will also enjoy the confidence that comes with aesthetic improvements to the teeth and jaw.

How does surgical orthodontics work?

Every patient’s treatment plan is customized for their needs. Many involve pre-surgical orthodontics, surgery, and post-surgical orthodontics. To get started, we will refer you to an excellent oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Our specialists will work hand-in-hand with them to create the perfect treatment.

During pre-surgical orthodontics, we use traditional appliances to position your teeth. In this stage, it may seem like your teeth are worsening, but don’t worry! Your smile will come together after your upper and lower jaw are in proper alignment. Next, you will undergo upper and/or lower jaw surgery. You will need a few weeks to recover as the jaw heals. Afterward, you will receive post-surgical orthodontic work as we fine-tune your smile. With a team of skilled professionals beside you every step of the way, surgical orthodontics delivers advanced esthetic and functional results.