About orthodontics in Oak Lawn

We are always grateful to transform your smiles! In this blog, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about orthodontics. Whether you’re starting treatment soon or in a retention phase, we want to spread the word about how orthodontic treatment works.

New to orthodontics?

Orthodontic treatment may seem like a big responsibility—especially for adults who aren’t interested in metal mouths of the past. While it can seem like an intense commitment, orthodontic treatment is less invasive and more discreet and streamlined than ever before. With advances in clear aligners and braces technology, we offer options that fit every patient’s busy lifestyle and goals. You’ll need to make some minor life changes with any appliance (think: brushing up on oral hygiene habits). But after just a little while, these adjustments become second nature. By following our experts’ instructions, you can do your part to speed up treatment and ensure a healthy, beautiful result.

Benefits that go beyond aesthetics

When you think of braces, do you think of straight teeth or beautiful smiles? Aesthetics are one component of orthodontic treatment, but one of many reasons we transform smiles.

We can treat issues like bad bites and crowding through care while improving daily function with breathing, sleeping, chewing, or speaking. Everything from your bite to your mouth posture can impact your quality of life. Correcting these orthodontic concerns can prevent or even treat airway problems, TMJ dysfunction, and crowding that often leads to poor oral hygiene. It’s always exciting to help boost so many facets of our patients’ lives!

Ready for more treatment?

You can enjoy a lifelong smile when you follow our orthodontists’ instructions. Unfortunately, many might slip up with their retention plan. After all, most of us know people who had braces as a child but have since long lost their retainers.

However, skipping out on your retention plan can lead to regression. In this case, you may need further treatment to restore your best smile. If your smile has shifted or you’re noticing new issues, like a problematic bite or trouble chewing, we can help. At our practice, we have several ways to help you get that smile back on track. Whether it’s refitting you for a retainer or helping you undergo treatment through aligners or braces, we’ll make sure you love your grin.

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