Advantages of invisible braces in Oak Lawn

Oak Lawn residents with dental malocclusions (misalignments) can enjoy the benefits of wearing invisible braces to straighten their teeth. In the past, the only way to fix misaligned teeth was with metallic braces, but today, most adults and teenagers can wear clear braces instead. There are multiple advantages to wearing invisible braces, but first, you must have a complete examination to determine if you are a candidate. To wear Invisalign® aligners, you must have a mouth that isn’t growing rapidly, and this is why children cannot wear these orthodontic devices, although Invisalign® First is made for children.

There are several advantages to wearing invisible braces, and you can learn more about these orthodontic devices from one of our professionals. First, invisible aligners are comfortable devices that are customized to fit over your teeth on the top and bottom of your mouth. You won’t receive only one set of aligners because the devices are made in a series that will reposition your teeth slowly over several months. Each set of aligners lasts for approximately two weeks before you switch to a new set. Caring for your aligners is easy by rinsing the items with plain water several times a day along with sanitizing the devices correctly with the recommended cleaning solutions. Keeping your invisible braces clean will prevent stains on the devices. You must also brush your teeth every day, and this is much easier to do with your clear aligners.

If you have always wanted to correct the minor misalignments of your teeth, invisible braces may be an ideal choice. Clear aligners are barely noticeable by others, especially when you take proper care of them. If you have an important meeting, you can remove the plastic aligners for a few hours. However, professionals will recommend wearing the invisible braces as much as possible to result in sooner results. You are also advised to remove the invisible braces while you are eating or drinking, and afterward, you can place the aligners over your teeth. While you should take proper care of your aligners, if one of the devices is damaged in some way, you can change to the next set of aligners without experiencing any problems.

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