Are clear aligners right for me?

Overview on clear aligners

Orthodontic patients don’t necessarily need to have any hardware directly bonded to teeth with an ultra-strong dental cement. Fortunately, there are removable appliances that could align teeth into desirable positions. Transparent aligners are very popular among teenagers and adults who might feel some social pressure regarding physical appearance, oral hygiene and other behavior. For instance, classic braces can make it more difficult to speak, brush teeth and play sports. Clear aligners give patients the flexibility to live functional and happy lives without constantly being bothered by hardware on teeth. However, it’s important to realize that such cosmetic alternatives have to be worn for most of the day. The severity of a malocclusion ultimately dictates the wearing schedule for a patient. An individual who suffers from moderate crowding of the teeth is advised to wear a clear aligner for approximately 20 hours a day.

Which clear aligners should you get?

There are several popular brands of transparent aligners that utilize state-of-the-art technology. Invisalign® is a brand that has surely been a pioneer in this specific niche of orthodontics. In fact, Invisalign® is still the most trusted brand of clear aligners on the market today. If you are not qualified for aligners, however, you can still benefit from clear braces.

Our orthodontist will take precise scans of the patient’s upper and lower dental arches. The renderings are then utilized by lab technicians to manufacture multiple moldings that are integrated into a custom treatment plan. On average, a person will need to wear between 15 and 20 different clear aligners in order to successfully complete treatment for a bad bite. Additionally, it’s imperative to wear a proper retainer to maintain the integrity of a newly adjusted bite.

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