Can braces for kids really make a difference?

Our teeth are remarkable structures that can sustain a great deal of pressure. When the primary or baby teeth grow in, they eventually fall out, giving rise to permanent teeth beginning at the ages of ten through twelve. Sometimes, these permanent teeth come in before the baby teeth have fallen out, making them crooked or overcrowded. If this is the case with your child, you may want to consider braces for kids.

Children should be evaluated by an orthodontist by around the age of seven, even if neither of their parents wore braces as children. The permanent teeth do not erupt until a few years later as the primary teeth fall out.

It is important to have teeth examined at this early age for misalignments that may show up as the permanent teeth grow in. With advances in radiology technology, orthodontists can see the adult teeth forming beneath the gum line before they erupt. This technology can give orthodontists and parents insight into the health and placement of their children’s permanent teeth. This insight can help you determine if braces for kids is an option for your child.

Early intervention in orthodontics, like many fields of medicine, is key. The ability to see problems with dental alignment, spatial abnormalities or problems with bite, can be caught and treated early. Discussions among parents, dentists, and orthodontics can be most valuable during the early stages.

Poor alignment of teeth can cause dental pain, speech problems, and headaches. With proper treatment and regular monitoring and adjustments, children can grow healthy straight teeth. Not only do the straight teeth improve their bite and chewing ability, the resulting beautiful smile will boost their confidence.

With so many orthodontic options to choose from depending on need, parents and children, along with our orthodontist, can choose the best option. It can be self-ligating metal braces, which work to efficiently move teeth. You can also choose self-ligating ceramic braces, which are nearly invisible. Invisible braces are another option that can be used as retainers or for mild misalignments. They are essentially invisible, but also removable for eating and are sometimes used for just part of the day.

Orthodontic care is essential for good oral health. They can make a big difference in your child’s oral health and their appearance. If you think your child needs braces for kids, contact us today! You can schedule your free consultation with us at Petty & Bielik Orthodontics and discuss your options with one of our specialists at our office in Oak Lawn.