Considering teen braces? You have options!

Getting braces may not be high on your teen’s list of things they would like to do, but these days, there is a wide variety of braces from which to choose. Teenagers and adults no longer need to live with a mouth full of cumbersome metal braces for up to two years. Many of today’s options are nearly invisible and smaller in size. Below are a few of the teen braces that are available.


Invisalign® Teen uses sets of clear plastic aligners that are custom-made and will straighten just like traditional braces. The big difference is because they are made of a transparent plastic, the aligners are practically invisible.

Another convenience with Invisalign® is they are removable. To get the full benefits, you need to wear them for a set amount of time per day, but they can be removed to floss and brush your teeth and eat, which means you can eat whatever you want. It will also be easy for your teen to maintain a normal routine of oral hygiene.

Clear braces

The brackets on translucent clear braces are made of a ceramic material that blends in with the color of the teeth and is very strong and durable. The overall look is much cleaner than metal braces.

When you have a consultation with our specialists at Petty & Bielik Orthodontics, you can discuss the different types of teen braces and choose the best option. We are located in Oak Lawn, and our team is at the ready to help determine which braces are best for your unique case. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.