If I can get treatment online, why do I need an orthodontist?

Whether it’s overnight shipping or a drive-thru meal, these days, people are used to quick, convenient services. However, for services such as orthodontic treatment, convenience should not take precedence over quality, expert care. If you are considering orthodontic treatment, here’s why orthodontists are the best people for the job.

Orthodontists have special training

Orthodontists are specialists in teeth, bites, anatomy, and facial growth. Before beginning treatment, orthodontists give a comprehensive exam to understand your mouth and make sure no problematic underlying conditions, such as gum disease, will prevent you from treatment.

Seeing how your teeth look from the outside is an essential part of evaluating your smile. But orthodontists also take X-rays to understand your unique anatomy—from your jawbones to your wisdom teeth. Orthodontists monitor your whole mouth to provide you with personalized treatment, charting tooth eruption and movement over time. You won’t find this same precision or quality of care with entirely virtual or remote services.

Direct-to-consumer treatment is one-size-fits-all

On the surface, purchasing aligners online and receiving trays in the mail may seem like a hassle-free alternative to traditional orthodontics. In reality, unsupervised orthodontics can ignore or worsen important issues, like bite problems. The American Dental Association has even issued warnings about unsupervised treatment.

Direct-to-consumer aligner companies market themselves as creating dramatic results in a short period, but this is not always good for oral health. Online plans are usually one-size-fits-all, but no two smiles are the same! When it comes to your smile, individualized attention and customized care are important. At Petty & Bielik Orthodontics, we know that clear aligners aren’t a good solution for everyone, which is why we offer patients a variety of treatment options.

Importance of regular visits

Observational visits help orthodontists determine when a patient is ready to begin treatment or the next phase of treatment. Orthodontists need to see you in person to ensure that your treatment is going as planned and that your teeth are moving safely and effectively. As a clear aligner treatment progresses, orthodontists may also use tools, like attachments (tooth-colored bumps), to ensure that teeth move as planned.

Going to the dentist is important, but for children waiting to begin the next phase of their orthodontic treatment, regular dentist appointments are not a substitute for observational visits. As teeth are lost and grow in, observational visits help orthodontists correct or prevent developing problems to save time and money down the road.

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