My teeth look straight. Do I need an orthodontist?

Perhaps you have never visited an orthodontist because you are already happy with the way your smile looks. We love that you love your smile! But did you know that you may have oral health issues you can’t see? Orthodontic treatment does help you achieve a beautiful, straight smile, but the benefits go far beyond aesthetics. Here are some of the non-cosmetic reasons why you should visit an orthodontist.

Bite correction

Problems with your bite may be hardly noticeable to you right now, but they can worsen over time if not corrected. More than just a crooked smile, these problems can lead to worn down or chipped teeth, facial asymmetries, and gum disease. Common bite problems include:

  • Overbite: when upper teeth fit further than they should over lower teeth when your mouth is at rest
  • Underbite: when lower teeth fit over upper teeth when your mouth is at rest
  • Crossbite: when upper teeth sit inside the lower teeth when your mouth is at rest
  • Open bite: when the upper and lower teeth do not overlap when you bite down

Jaw alignment

Many bite problems are caused by misaligned jaws. Luckily, one of the main goals of orthodontics is to fix jaw alignment issues, which can make speaking and eating easier. It is particularly beneficial for kids to begin treatment at a young age because children’s jaws are most adaptable. Adjusting jaw alignment through braces and other treatments may reduce the risk of TMD, a disorder of the jaw joint that can cause migraines, painful chewing, and locking of the jaw.

Opening up the airway

Orthodontic devices, like palatal expanders, encourage facial growth to create a more open airway. Having an open airway is a crucial preventative step for breathing complications. By opening the airway, orthodontic treatment can also help prevent issues like obstructive sleep apnea. Treatment for sleep apnea involves the use of often uncomfortable breathing assistance machines at night, so preventative action is especially valuable.

Preventing future shifting

Your teeth may look fine now, but with time, new teeth may grow in or be removed. In adults, teeth may become slightly crowded, and preexisting problems can worsen. Orthodontic treatment helps prevent your teeth from detrimentally shifting as a result of these developments.

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