When is the right time for my kids to get braces?

It’s not always easy to know when your child should get braces, especially if the front teeth appear straight. Generally, orthodontic treatment begins somewhere between nine and 14 years old. By this age, the child will have lost all of his or her primary teeth and have all of the adult teeth.

However, around age seven to eight, the child will have enough of their permanent teeth for the orthodontist to see if there will be future problems. This early diagnosis is very important because it will make treatment easier for the doctor and the patient. This should not be interpreted that all children need early treatment, but it allows the orthodontist to decide if your child could benefit from early intervention. Early orthodontic treatment may help prevent tooth extraction and influence the growth of the skeleton to avoid problems.

To decide whether your child should get braces, a detailed examination of the face, teeth and jaws is needed. In addition, x-rays and molds of teeth will be taken to provide the orthodontist with enough information to decide on a suitable plan for treatment.

There are several types of braces for kids and some may be more suitable than others depending on the particular situation. Some of the most common ones in use are still metal braces. These are the type of braces most teenagers get and are often the quickest way to shift the teeth to the desired position. Metal brackets are fixed to the teeth with a metal wire threaded through the brackets that are tightened to apply pressure to the teeth.

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