Temporary anchorage devices (TADs)

Temporary anchorage device (TAD)

You may require a temporary anchorage device (TAD) depending on your smile needs. A TAD is a small, medical-quality titanium temporary implant. Once placed, it provides enhanced orthodontic results. TADs are inserted into the jawbone during a minor procedure under local anesthetic. It remains in the jawbone for either a portion of your orthodontic treatment or the entire duration. Every patient’s TAD experience is customized for their needs.

Why use a TAD?

TADs provide orthodontists with a secure anchor point. This is useful if a patient has a missing tooth or if there is not a suitable tooth to use as an anchor. Once the TAD is in place, our orthodontists more precisely control tooth movement. By attaching your braces to a TAD, we apply gentle pressure to the tooth. The pressure helps guide the tooth’s movement through the bone. TADs have many benefits in orthodontic treatment. These include:

  • Moving teeth precisely: In some cases, your orthodontist will only be able to move teeth into an ideal position with the help of a TAD.
  • Shortening treatment time: Since TADs provide highly precise, gentle, and targeted pressure, we can sometimes shorten treatment with these devices.
  • Being an accessible option: TADs are suitable for all areas of the mouth and for patients of all ages. A wide scope of patients can benefit from this device.
  • Preventing more serious complications: Since TADs support advanced tooth movements, they can prevent the worsening and progression of some orthodontic issues.

How do I take care of a TAD?

TADs are very small and comfortable. After getting used to your implant, you will not notice it is there. However, you will always need to maintain good oral hygiene. Keep your implant very clean throughout treatment. When you brush, brush all around the device and clean the gum tissues, as well. Otherwise, plaque and bacteria may cause inflammation or infection. This can weaken the TAD over time, and it may become loose.

While TADs are not necessary for every smile transformation, they are an excellent option for many. In the hands of experienced orthodontists, they enhance results and help create a healthier smile.