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New Year’s Resolution: Smile Makeover

January 20th, 2023

Happy New Year from all of us here at Petty & Bielik Orthodontics! With the new year comes a lot of hope, joy, and the opportunity for a reset. While you’re thinking about your New Year’s resolutions, consider the benefits of orthodontic treatment. If you’ve been meaning to make it to the orthodontist’s office but put it off all last year, now is the time to finally commit to your new smile—here’s why:

New year, new you

The season of the new year is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and prioritizing yourself. If you’ve been hesitant—or just too busy—to venture into the world of orthodontics, this is the perfect time. Since you’re still excited to get organized, healthier, or create a new routine in 2023, you’ll be able to kickstart your treatment and see how much progress you make in just the year.

Modern braces and aligners are less invasive and more discreet and comfortable than ever. However, like any medical treatment, there is still an adjustment period. Having the right attitude about committing to a change in your life can make all the difference as you get used to life with your new appliances.

Advanced options for healthy smiles

Here at Petty & Bielik Orthodontics, we create a truly custom treatment plan—there are no cookie-cutter smiles here! From self-ligating (Damon) braces to clear aligners and temporary anchorage devices (TADs), we use the best technology to address your unique anatomy and achieve your goals.

Make health your 2023 resolution

Your oral health impacts your entire body. In fact, gum disease has been linked with everything from heart disease and poor brain function to inflammation and whole-body illnesses. When you choose an orthodontic treatment, you aren’t just giving yourself a prettier smile. Orthodontic treatment can work to prevent serious issues related to oral hygiene, airway concerns, and temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

Make a healthier smile part of your New Year’s resolutions, and set yourself up for a generally healthier, happier mouth!

If you have any questions or are ready to book an appointment, call Petty & Bielik Orthodontics at 708-636-2900 today! We can’t wait to help you make your dream smile a reality.

Brace Yourself: The Holidays Are Here!

December 20th, 2022

Although winter holidays are just around the corner, your orthodontic treatment won’t be taking a vacation. You may feel like you’re missing out on the fun if you have braces, but you don’t have to! There are plenty of ways to enjoy the festivities while keeping your teeth and braces safe and treatment on track. Here are our top tips for a healthy holiday.

Enjoy braces-friendly holiday foods

It can be hard to avoid sweet treats such as candy canes, peanut brittle, chewy candies, and fudge during the holiday season, but your braces will thank you! Don’t risk breaking your brackets or wires with sticky or hard food, especially when there are plenty of delicious alternatives.

Try snacking on fresh seasonal fruits, such as oranges, tangerines, kiwis, and clementines, which are all rich in vitamin C. These fruits can help fight gum disease and seasonal colds, and they’re easy on your braces! Other braces-friendly foods include soft cheeses, soft cookies, cakes, bread puddings, and muffins.

Keep up with daily oral hygiene

No matter the time of year, it’s always important to care for your oral health by brushing your teeth and flossing. If you’ve got braces, flossing after meals and brushing with fluoride toothpaste can prevent food from settling in your brackets. Being mindful of your teeth during this busy time will help you to avoid dental problems or emergencies, so be proactive and take care of your teeth!

Drink lots of water

Not only is drinking water great for your overall health, but it also helps keep your mouth clean! You may be snacking more over the holidays, so it’s even more essential to drink plenty of water to rinse your teeth between meals. If possible, choose water over sugary drinks, like hot chocolate, eggnog, or punch.

Make a travel kit

If you are traveling during the holidays, create a braces travel kit to bring with you. In case you lose your regular tools, keep a small toothbrush, floss, elastics, wax, and mouthwash in your kit. These portable kits can also be helpful to keep in cars, backpacks, and bags for when you’re on the go.

Don’t skip appointments

The holidays can be hectic for families, and you may find it hard to fit your orthodontist appointments into a busy schedule! However, it’s essential to keep up with your visits and let us know if you’ll have to miss one. Try to reschedule your appointments as soon as possible to ensure you feel confident showing off your best smile this holiday season. Contact us today to schedule your next visit with our Petty & Bielik Orthodontics team.

Transforming Smiles 101

November 20th, 2022

We are always grateful to transform your smiles! In this blog, we're breaking down everything you need to know about orthodontics. Whether you're starting treatment soon or in a retention phase, we want to spread the word about how orthodontic treatment works.

New to orthodontics?

Orthodontic treatment may seem like a big responsibility—especially for adults who aren't interested in metal mouths of the past. While it can seem like an intense commitment, orthodontic treatment is less invasive and more discreet and streamlined than ever before. With advances in clear aligners and braces technology, we offer options that fit every patient's busy lifestyle and goals. You'll need to make some minor life changes with any appliance (think: brushing up on oral hygiene habits). But after just a little while, these adjustments become second nature. By following our experts' instructions, you can do your part to speed up treatment and ensure a healthy, beautiful result.

Benefits that go beyond aesthetics

When you think of braces, do you think of straight teeth or beautiful smiles? Aesthetics are one component of orthodontic treatment, but one of many reasons we transform smiles.

We can treat issues like bad bites and crowding through care while improving daily function with breathing, sleeping, chewing, or speaking. Everything from your bite to your mouth posture can impact your quality of life. Correcting these orthodontic concerns can prevent or even treat airway problems, TMJ dysfunction, and crowding that often leads to poor oral hygiene. It's always exciting to help boost so many facets of our patients' lives!

Ready for more treatment?

You can enjoy a lifelong smile when you follow our orthodontists' instructions. Unfortunately, many might slip up with their retention plan. After all, most of us know people who had braces as a child but have since long lost their retainers.

However, skipping out on your retention plan can lead to regression. In this case, you may need further treatment to restore your best smile. If your smile has shifted or you're noticing new issues, like a problematic bite or trouble chewing, we can help. At our practice, we have several ways to help you get that smile back on track. Whether it's refitting you for a retainer or helping you undergo treatment through aligners or braces, we'll make sure you love your grin.

To book your next appointment or to learn more, contact our Petty & Bielik Orthodontics team at (708) 636-2900.

We're Thankful to Be Orthodontists

November 1st, 2022

During this time of year, we’re all spending more time with our loved ones and reflecting on what we’re thankful for. This Thanksgiving, all of us here at Petty & Bielik Orthodontics are thankful for our smile family, work, and, most of all, our patients. Here are just a few of the many reasons that we’re so grateful to be orthodontists each day.

Solving tricky jaw and mouth problems

Orthodontics isn’t just about building an aesthetically beautiful smile. Many people suffer from malocclusions (a bad bite), like an underbite or overbite. These problems are common, and fixing them can provide life-changing results. A bad bite and jaw problems can contribute to airway (breathing) and sleeping hindrances and TMJ dysfunction symptoms. Here at Petty & Bielik Orthodontics, we’ve seen all kinds of tricky problems and are thankful every time a patient trusts us to correct those issues.

Making lives easier

Orthodontic care can make your everyday life—which requires significant mouth functions—easier. Misaligned teeth can negatively affect your ability to chew. And, if misalignment is impacting the way your tongue sits against your teeth, it may make speaking and breathing harder. In addition, misaligned teeth can lead to poor oral hygiene and trouble keeping your dental health in check. Treating patients with braces or aligners can prevent future dental problems like cavities or gum disease. During your orthodontic journey, we love seeing the impact a healthy smile has on your life!

Watching confidence transform

While improving health through orthodontic care is exceptionally gratifying, one of our favorite parts of this job is helping people find a newfound sense of self-confidence in their smiles. Many people feel overwhelmed by the prospect of orthodontics. They may even feel uncomfortable with someone getting up close and personal with their teeth. However, by the end of treatment, our patients love their smiles!

Thank you for being our patients

As we dedicate time to our friends and family this Thanksgiving, we are thankful for our wonderful patients and the fulfilling work we do. Thank you for trusting our care and for choosing Petty & Bielik Orthodontics. If you have any questions or want to set up your next appointment, please call us at 708-636-2900 today!

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